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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Canvas Grocery Bags

1. I bought ten, yes ten, canvas grocery bags. I made sure to buy several different designs so that I would be tempted to show them off when I was out and about.

2. I use one of the bags as my “purse.” Canvas grocery bags are quickly becoming a way to make a fashion statement. I’m a stay at home mom, so Gucci bags are not on my list of most important things to carry with me. I either carry a canvas grocery bag or my diaper bag, and I ALWAYS throw an extra canvas bag inside the outer bag, just in case I need some extra carrying power.

3. I keep 4-5 bags in my car and hanging on the back of my headrest into the backseat. Not only does this keep them close by, but when I go to take my daughter out of her carseat I am immediately reminded to bring the bags with me if I think I will be doing any shopping.

4. After I carry my groceries up to my house from the car and unload them, I hang the empty grocery bags on the handle of my front door. This ensures that I will remember to bring them back down to the car and use them again (instead of ensuring that they will hide in my closet for goodness knows how long!).

5. I’ve taped a small sign that reads “1 million per minute” onto my plastic bag recycling bin. For the times that I forget to bring my canvas grocery bags, I inevitably end up with a plastic bag instead. So taped to my recycling bin is a small guilt trip for myself. The more I remember how many plastic bags are used and wasted every day, the more I remember to bring my canvas grocery bags!

Trademarks on Real Gucci Designer Bag

Dust bag. You can recognize a classy handbag when it comes all wrapped up in a high quality dust bag. Styled and designed with the recognizable designer logo, these draw string bags are usually brown or black with the logo in gold.

Control card. With reference to the newer handbags, this control card is a tag that features a specific number which signifies that the handbag was checked and verified after being made.

Logo. Most luxury handbags feature the designer’s logo on the exterior. With the two G’s stuck close together, the right side G is inverted, while the left hand side G is straight and faces the right! The most common colors are a dull gold tone with the G’s made in a darker gold than the background.

Tags inside the bags. Look for the “Made in Italy” tag printed on a dark brown leather label. The label also has an “R” and this means the bag is registered. Also, the designer’s name will be on the inside.

Serial Number. All Gucci bags come with a serial number. This is what they use to specifically differentiate one bag from another. This serial number is found on the reverse side of the inner label. It is most often than not in two parts-one above the other. Visit a high-end store which carries these designer handbags and personally look for these five items. This way you will know what to look for when you decide which exquisite bag meets your needs. Note: Not all designer brands have this type of validation and trademark identifiction.

Glimpse of Classic Gentleness

As always, this Gucci Turquoise ‘Irina’ Tote is seamed with a whole piece of soft crocodile skin. There studs with Brass buttons both on the double handles and around the top. The bag features with snap closure and inside zip. You can find a cell phone pocket which is very handy and considerable. On the center of the bag is the symbolic heart-shaped Gucci crest detail.

Actually I am still not that appreciative of the slightly conservative and mediocre design. But with the color of turquoise, it certainly takes my breath away. Gucci has been boasting about the delicate craftsmanship and outstanding material since its foundation. But once in a while, the Italian luxury product manufacturer ignores the variety of color. We have spotted so many Brown or beige Gucci Bags which make it easier to feel dull and harder to attract younger generations. No wonder someone says only moms and grandmas take Gucci hand bags.

Thanks Lord, here comes the Gucci turquoise ‘Irina’ medium tote. With the fresh and bright color, I can almost touch the gentle of sea breeze and smell the warm fishy air. This is absolutely a masterpiece. My teenage niece begs me for one as her birthday present. But with a price tag of 28900 USD, I believe it will be a disaster of my credit card, let alone those school kids and young professionals. So maybe that’s why Gucci sticks to its traditional style suitable for more sophisticated adults. After all, luxury is timeless, not a one night sensation.

Large Guccissima

Measuring 19 inches in length and 5 inches wide; and towering at 15 inches in height, the Gucci large Guccissima is, for one, a large enough bag to accommodate pretty much everything that one would ordinarily want to carry in a hand-bag, and perhaps even one or more extras; without the bag seeming over-laden. At those dimension too, (19 inches by 15 inches by 5 inches), one would have to admit that the Gucci large Guccissima is a big enough bag to appeal to the tastes of the ladies who are increasingly opting for large handbags as a fashion statements; as the trend in these circles has been in favor of larger bags generally.

To avoid a situation where brand bags tend to lose the brand labels (for which the user probably had to pay a considerable sum), the Gucci Guccissima comes with the Gucci label stitched in a stitch that is sure to outlast the bag, so that it never falls off – a leading cause of many otherwise great handbags being written off when their brand tags fall off. For the hardware bits, Gucci Guccissima employs light gold, a material that has been known to maintain its sheen for long after the bag has been put into practical (day to day) usage. The bag does also come with full lining, one side of which is equipped with a zip, effectively making it part of the Gucci Guccissima’s core storage and carrying space. Thanks to this feature, you can use the compartment created by zipping the lining to store items you are likely to need urgently (like cell-phones), so that you don’t have to spend hours rummaging through the bag trying to fish something out; which can be a very frustrating experienced indeed sometimes.

A notable feature you may note, perhaps with some glee, upon purchasing the Gucci large Guccissima is that it actually comes with a manual! Upon opening the bag for the first time, you encounter a care booklet, outlining how best to use the handbag, and how best to care for it so that it serves you for long. To ensure that what you are getting is indeed a Gucci product, each Gucci Large Guccissima comes with a serial number; and even an authenticity card. The authenticity card, together with the care booklet mentioned earlier and a Gucci dust-bag are therefore the default contents that come with your Gucci large Guccissima, to which you of course add your usual toolkit. Material wise, the Gucci Large Guccissima seems to be made of embossed leaver canvas; which makes for both visual appeal and durability in the bag.