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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Gucci Scarf Tote Bag

The first feeling one gets on laying their eyes on the The Gucci Scarf Tote Bag is that it is a rather ‘quiet and serene’ bag. This all has to do with the colors employed on it – which are rather ‘cool’ colors. The checked pattern on most of the bag’s main body does somewhat ‘liven’ it up a bit, but it would seem that Gucci really set out to make a ‘quiet’ bag in this one. That is just as well, for there are those of us who don’t like those ‘loud, almost shouting’ bags; who prefer the handbag as a tool for carrying our ladies’ essentials rather than a tool for attracting attention. This is not to say that you can’t attract attention with the The Gucci Scarf Tote handbag; but rather that you would be doing so in a nice ‘modest’ way.

The Gucci Scarf Tote Bag is more of a circular bag, so that in terms of size, it is best described in two dimensions, height and diameter, these being 34 centimeters and 30 centimeters respectively. If you are more comfortable with inches, the dimensions of Gucci Scarf (155563 Cruise Collection) Tote handbag would work out to about 13 inches by 11 inches; making it what can be described as medium sized bag. In other words, this is a bag that one of the ladies who belong to the ‘school of thought’ that fancies huge handbags won’t be ashamed to be seen hugging along. At the same time, it is not a bag that a lady who believes that a bag has to be small to be cute will hate to carry along. It is a handbag for all tastes, size-wise. And practically speaking, it is a bag with enough space to carry most of the standard wares a lady would want to carry along; though definitely not much good for shopping along.

As with all genuine Gucci products, expect to find an ‘authenticity card’ inside your Gucci Scarf (155563 Cruise Collection) Tote Bag. Inside the bag, you will also find a cute dusk handbag; clearly stamped that this is a Gucci product, proudly made in Italy – the cradle of Gucci. And surprise, surprise, Gucci Scarf (155563 Cruise Collection) Tote handbag is actually quite an affordable bag.

Gucci Travel Bags

Designer Backpack in Blue

This is the ultimate fashionable backpack. It is perfect for weekends away as well as for carrying books. It’s unique cylindrical shape will certainly make a statement and, at the same time, all your belongings will be safe in this designer backpack. It is made from nylon with brown leather accents. The top half is blue with red and gray stripes in the middle, and a gray logo pattern covers the bottom half. All of the hardware is silver tone.

The top features zip closure for added safety. On the inside, you will find a zip pocket and a cell phone pocket. The double straps are fully adjustable for comfort. The dimensions of this bag are 9.75 inches D X 18.5 inches H X 11.5 inches W. This bag comes with a dust cover.

Red Leather Designer Cosmetics Bag

This designer bag is a perfect choice for keeping your cosmetics organized both while you are traveling and at home. It is compact enough to fit in your carry-on luggage yet large enough to accommodate all the essentials. This cosmetics bag is made of superb quality red logo designer leather. The top features zip closure for safety. The inside is fully lined, and the bottom is flat, so the bag will stand upright. The dimensions are 7 inches L x 4.5 inches H x 2.5 inches W.

Roomy Tote Bags

Chanel handbags are the desire of many women, especially those who understand the fashion handbags of high quality. The Lambskin Medallion CC tote is one of the popular Chanel handbags. These handbags are made with the best materials. These large tote bags allow for the variety of usage. They have the fabulous design of all Chanel handbags and have the top quality and appearance which women love. You can dress up any outfit with the Lambskin Medallion CC tote bags on your arm.

Among the different styles of handbags, Louis Vuitton canvas tote monogrammed bags will fully meet all your desires. Different from the colorful and complex handbags, Louis Vuitton canvas tote monogrammed bags like a blast of cool and refreshing breeze in this world. They are very convenient for those who need a roomy bag to contain their necessities, especially the office lady, who usually goes out for a whole day and the bag needs contain her daylong needs.

Fendi tote bag is also a brand that women cannot resist too, the stylish elegance is like a magnet that makes many women cannot shift their eyes from it. Fendi totes are beautiful and versatile. The varieties of designs on tote bags make the Fendi tote bags at the top of the fashion for many years. These bags are extremely popular with women all over the world, because they can be used as a handbag but also a briefcase. At the same time, compared to many of the other designer bags, Fendi totes are comparatively reasonably priced.

I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t want a limited edition of Gucci bag. Gucci note bags is also one of the most popular bags in the world, many women are crazy about it, not only the high quality but also the leading position of the trends of fashion. Here I will give you one Gucci note bag picture as an inspiration when you are going to purchase a note handbag.

Spot Fake Gucci Handbag

The Font: This is a good place to start. The Gucci tag fonts may at times, vary slightly from bag to bag, depending on the region of Europe they were manufactured in. But the majority of the time the font will always be a powerful tell for spotting a fake Gucci. The Gucci font should not be puffy, crooked, overly circular, undefined or blurry. The Gucci font should be a clear and crisp impression. The overly circular fake font is a common mistake made by counterfeiters.

Font alignment: The font should also line up symmetrically. Both the “Gucci”, and the “Made in Italy”, should be perfectly centered inside the label, and relative to each other. The GUCCI stamp should be centered perfectly above the Made in Italy, and the Made in Italy stamp should be centered perfectly within the label. Anything looking off-centered is a huge red flag, and strong evidence that the bag is fake.

Label Stitching: The stitching that frames the label should also maintain perfect symmetry. Meaning the distance from the stitch line to the labels edge should remain consistent on all four sides of the label. The stitches themselves should also be consistent, every last stitch being the same length on all four sides of the label. If the stitch lines are crooked or if the stitches are erratic sizes, the handbag is most likely a fake Gucci.