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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Be Stylish with Travel Bags

Though when you travel, there have to be something a bit more sophisticated. Many travelers prefer lightweight luggage. Because you can pack more without exceeding carry on weight limit.

Hard side luggage is an especially good choice for international travel. If you do any amount of traveling, you know the importance of durable bag. Durable hard side luggage protects a bag’s contents better than most other baggage styles.

The most popular solution is bag on wheels. Even if you think you will not do much walking with your baggage, wheels provide a convenience that is unbeatable in most situations.

Nowadays more and more people prefer style to practical use of a bag. They often opt to go for fashion designer luggage having Louis Vuitton tastes but a Skyway budget.

Many people enjoy purchasing a designer luggage knockoff over the genuine articles. The primary consideration is definitely the cost of these knockoffs. A designer luggage knockoff may sell for as little as 5% of the price of authentic items. Popular bag knockoffs include purses, handbags and other small bags

Unless you prefer black trash bags, stylish designer bags will help you arrive in true fashion and style if the fashion label is what really matters to you.

The entire sets of soft and hard bags and handbags are now available from a luggage designer in more vibrant colors like – bright red, green, blue and burgundy, floral prints, other than the usual standard grey, black and brown.

You can find most bags offered in a wide variety of materials including suede, denim, nylon or even metal. These materials vary in purpose and benefits. You can even score some bags that are waterproof, if you’re finally going on that scuba trip!

Many hard and soft suitcases, carry on, handbag models by a fashion designer are made available with combination locks. Other durable and useful attributes of designer luggage include organized interiors with separate compartments for carrying CDs, floppies, shaving bags.

If you are a serious traveler who takes several trips a year, unless you can afford an exorbitantly priced collection of Gucci bags, then you will probably better off going for a reliable collection of well-designed stylish designer luggage from one of the lower-priced, specialty bag manufacturers.

Gucci Classic Bag

Like most high-end Gucci Bags, the most notable thing about Gucci Classic Bag is its elegance; which it oozes of whatever angle you look at it from. Looking at it keenly, it emerges that cream is probably the background color on it, with grayish patterns emblazoned all over its body, in a diagonal setting. It does look a ‘classic’ bag in every sense. There is a hint of red on the bag’s handle, as well as black.

Gucci Classic Bag is quite a large bag. Here, we are looking at a whopping 43 centimeters in height, some 41 centimeters in width, and some 10 centimeters in depth, clearly more space than most handbag user’s can ever find usage for. With dimensions like these, this is a bag you can carry to the office in the morning (as a handbag), and convert into a (light) shopping handbag after office hours. Indeed, even for short distance travelling, Gucci Classic Bag could also be a great bag.

Gucci Classic Bag’s dimensions, at 41 x 10 x 43 also make it the ideal bag for the growing number of women who have a preference for large handbags.

For a closure mechanism, Gucci provides the users of Gucci Classic Bag with a zipper. Notable about this zipper – which is about the only piece of hardware on the bag – is that it is made from a material that is durable (so that it is not the sort of zip that falls apart as soon as you leave the vendor’s store). This material on the zipper is also one that is able to maintain its sheen with the passage of time. This is important, because there has been a feeling in some quarters that zips and other pieces of hardware on handbags are designed to only last as long as the handbag stays in the vendor’s warehouse; starting to decline alarmingly the moment the bag is put into practical use. Another point, besides the zipper, where hardware would have found application on the Gucci Classic Bag is at the point where the handle is enjoined to body of the bag. But in the case of Gucci Classic Bag, the handle is sewn on the bag, rather than hooked onto the handbag using some sort of metal clips.

Gucci Briefcases

Gucci briefcases for women are designed for optimum quality, durability, and of course in the latest styles and trends of today. Once you see a bag or a briefcase with the trademark logo of Gucci, you will probably have to pry your eyes from staring at the lovely leather, the intricate threading, and of course the colors that make it so attractive. The best thing about Gucci briefcases is that they can keep your files or belongings protected and safe no matter what. With the right Gucci briefcase, you can easily walk into your office or into the hotel with confidence, style, and sophistication.

Unfortunately, because of how expensive Gucci bags and briefcases are most women can’t afford authentic Gucci products. We are talking about briefcases going up to about a thousand dollars or more. And because of this, a lot of fake Gucci products are being sold by individual sellers and boutiques all over the world. The sad thing about it is that the imitations look almost exactly alike unless you are able to detect the fake ones from the authentic ones. The fake bags are extremely poor alternatives so if you are the type of woman who wants and deserves authentic Gucci products, you have to be able to spot the bad apples from the good ones. Here are a few tips to help you spot the fake ones:

* If you really want real and authentic Gucci briefcases, visit the Gucci store or the website. Try to look at the features of the bags and see what differentiates it from the imitations. You have to keep an eye most especially on the color, the threads, the handles, and other aspects.

* Gucci bags should always come with a dust bag, a leather care card, and a real serial number. If you are looking at a bag and the seller tells you that it doesn’t come with any of these three things, it is most likely an imitation.

* Try to feel if the Gucci briefcase you are holding is made of real Gucci materials, which are usually of high quality and are heavy duty.

Lucy Folded Evening Bag

Normally, the evening clutch offered by Gucci Design House is extremely odd in shapes and with too many crystals or other shining embellishments. However, this Gucci Lucy Folded evening bag, as one of her rare refined and not-so showy clutch designs, is rather acceptable to carry at any occasions including evening parties without looking plain odd.

This bag is sized at 26 x 13 cm, which is a modest capacity to hold all your necessities. It features zip and bamboo turn-lock closure, tassel with bamboo detail and inside pocket. As you probably know, bamboo is a unique fashion element of Gucci creations. And its first debut on Gucci can be traced back to 1947 as the bag handle. Then with the advertising of the film Blowup, Gucci Bamboo Bag became It Bag of Gucci and priced as high as $2,000 to $8,000. This Lucy folded evening bag still retails expensively for £1135. It is actually enough since this clutch is made of green lame python with green leather trim and gold hardware. As python is indeed very expensive, so it is safe to say that this evening bag is indeed acceptable in price. Its dark indigo shade also comes refined, which makes it even more versatile and classy. And its bamboo details on the flap top give a hint of uniqueness and so as not to make it look just a simple exotic clutch.