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Canvas Grocery Bags

1. I bought ten, yes ten, canvas grocery bags. I made sure to buy several different designs so that I would be tempted to show them off when I was out and about.

2. I use one of the bags as my “purse.” Canvas grocery bags are quickly becoming a way to make a fashion statement. I’m a stay at home mom, so Gucci bags are not on my list of most important things to carry with me. I either carry a canvas grocery bag or my diaper bag, and I ALWAYS throw an extra canvas bag inside the outer bag, just in case I need some extra carrying power.

3. I keep 4-5 bags in my car and hanging on the back of my headrest into the backseat. Not only does this keep them close by, but when I go to take my daughter out of her carseat I am immediately reminded to bring the bags with me if I think I will be doing any shopping.

4. After I carry my groceries up to my house from the car and unload them, I hang the empty grocery bags on the handle of my front door. This ensures that I will remember to bring them back down to the car and use them again (instead of ensuring that they will hide in my closet for goodness knows how long!).

5. I’ve taped a small sign that reads “1 million per minute” onto my plastic bag recycling bin. For the times that I forget to bring my canvas grocery bags, I inevitably end up with a plastic bag instead. So taped to my recycling bin is a small guilt trip for myself. The more I remember how many plastic bags are used and wasted every day, the more I remember to bring my canvas grocery bags!