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Manly Functional Bag

The Conventional Bag – One can choose from different sizes and designs and are also ideal for frequent travellers.

The Tote Bags – Most are mainly designed for transporting a lot of things. They are just as fashionable but are sturdy.

Laptop Bags – These are generally designed specifically for carrying laptops along with electronics without having to sacrifice trend. There are several styles that look really professional

For Students – These contain a number of pockets but yet have a many pockets which are either zippered, velcroed along with small compartments intended for writing items.

The cost of a messenger bags for me have got a wide range. Based on the brand name and the quality of fabrics made use of a good bag might cost approximately $50 to a few hundred dollars. It is expected to pay a premium price for any Louis Vuitton, Prada or a Gucci bag. Regarding to a cheaper and more inexpensive price, you could get a well priced bags that have good style and quality from places such as L.L. Bean, Addidas or Kenneth Cole to mention a few.