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Tips for Storing Household Belongings in a Rented Unit

Whether a family is between homes, relocating, or they simply have more stuff than they can handle, a storage unit may be a viable option. Once a customer decides to rent a unit, they can take certain steps to protect their belongings and maximize the space. Below are a few tips on using self-storage.

Determine the Necessary Access Level

First, it is important to decide how much access will be needed. If the family needs to get into the unit with little to no notice, a 24-hour facility may be the best option. Not all facilities offer 24-hour access, so be sure to ask before renting a unit.

Use Pallets

Families should ensure that their items are kept off the unit’s floor. Ground-based moisture can affect possessions, and the weather can be unpredictable. Stacking things on pallets will keep them away from melting snow and rainwater.

Stack Vertically

Ensure that large furnishings like dressers, sofas and beds take up as much vertical space as they can. By standing things up, families can free up a lot of usable space, and they can wrap things if they wish to do so.

Label Everything

Although most people know just what they’re putting into a unit, the details may be less clear in a few months. Save the hassle of digging through unmarked packages by labeling each item that’s going into the unit. Take things further by creating a checklist that includes each item’s location within the unit.

Plan Ahead, and Plan Carefully

Once the family decides on a unit size, they should plan its layout carefully. It may help to keep frequently needed items near the front of the room; things that won’t be needed for a while can be kept in the back. With this strategy, tenants can save a significant amount of time when they need to retrieve items from the unit.

Whether a customer is moving across the street or around the world, getting ready for a move can be difficult. However, preparedness can make things easier. By planning a bit each day, families can ensure a smooth, hassle-free moving day when it finally arrives.