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Trademarks on Real Gucci Designer Bag

Dust bag. You can recognize a classy handbag when it comes all wrapped up in a high quality dust bag. Styled and designed with the recognizable designer logo, these draw string bags are usually brown or black with the logo in gold.

Control card. With reference to the newer handbags, this control card is a tag that features a specific number which signifies that the handbag was checked and verified after being made.

Logo. Most luxury handbags feature the designer’s logo on the exterior. With the two G’s stuck close together, the right side G is inverted, while the left hand side G is straight and faces the right! The most common colors are a dull gold tone with the G’s made in a darker gold than the background.

Tags inside the bags. Look for the “Made in Italy” tag printed on a dark brown leather label. The label also has an “R” and this means the bag is registered. Also, the designer’s name will be on the inside.

Serial Number. All Gucci bags come with a serial number. This is what they use to specifically differentiate one bag from another. This serial number is found on the reverse side of the inner label. It is most often than not in two parts-one above the other. Visit a high-end store which carries these designer handbags and personally look for these five items. This way you will know what to look for when you decide which exquisite bag meets your needs. Note: Not all designer brands have this type of validation and trademark identifiction.